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Bianca DeSousa | Degrassi Wiki | Fandom Amber Heard and her girlfriend Bianca Butti decided to celebrate Valentines Day by getting out of Los Angeles. The 34-year-old actress and her 38-year-old cinematographer girlfriend were spotted

Bianca (anime) | Pokémon Wiki | Fandom Eventually, Bianca met up with the heroes and was eating lunch with them. Iris offered apples as a desert, but Bianca was not impressed by that. Iris threw an apple to Axew, which rolled down a slope. Axew went after the apple, which was eaten by an Emolga, whom Bianca soon hugged. Bianca wanted to catch Emolga and sent Minccino to battle.

Amber Heard and girlfriend Bianca Butti head out of Los Bianca L. DeSousa is a graduate of Degrassi Community Schools Class of 2013.Bianca was introduced in her junior year as a rebellious girl who dressed provocatively, and often skipped class to cause trouble. She has a troubled past and family issues since both of her parents are out of the picture and she has had a criminal record and a probation officer since a young age.

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